Our team is composed by a group of highly-skilled professionals and collaborators who hold extensive knowledge of every aspect of the diagnostic and environmental management. The extended experience of our human team in the assessment of surface water bodies in most of the river basins on the Iberian Peninsula, makes us a trustworthy unit in this kind of studies.

Pepita Nolla i Querol. General Manager.

BSc Biology, my professional career has developed in the limnology field and ecology quality of rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Specialized in benthic diatoms, cyanobacteria and freshwater phytoplankton, I have been involved in several evaluation projects of ecological status of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in DMA implementation. I am also proficient in the use of biological indexes based on diatoms and phytoplankton.[ResearchGate]


Soraya Hernández Llamas. Analyst.

BSc Biology. Phytoplankton analyst in training. She has participated in OstreoRisk (ICM-CSIC) project about blooms of genre microalgae Ostreopsis related to massive mortalities of marine fauna and human toxicity events.



Enric Aparicio

PhD Biology. Specialized in Ichtyology and river’s ecology, lakes and reservoirs, he has run multiple projects related to the assessment of ecological status quality, study and conservation of continental ichtyofauna, environmental flows, fluvial connectivity, fishing plan management and restauration projects and improvement of fluvial environment. He has also broad experience in WFD implementation and in the use of biotic indexes for ecologic status assessment. [ResearchGate]


Rafel Rocaspana

PhD Biology. Specialized in freshwater icthyology and environmental aquatic management, he has developed projects related to ichtyofauna management and characterization of the ecological status quality of water bodies. Also has a large experience in environmental evaluation, environmental studies related to hydraulic infrastructures and exploitation of natural resources. [ResearchGate]


Roger Guillem

BSc Biology. Specialized in environmental studies, vegetation and habitat cartography, park and garden vegetation inventories, census and conservation of birds life of drylands and landscape studies. He has taken part in studies about environmental evaluation, aquatic environmental management, ecological status determination and studies of continental ichtyofauna.